Broadscale Revegetation / Rehabilitation

Shingleback is dedicated to providing successful outcomes for largescale project to return unused farm- land or deforested area back to natural bush. Using tube stock and seed that has been collected from the area, high quality results are accomplished.

Civil Construction / Landscaping

We provide cost effective landscape solutions for large scale civil construction projects. All landscape jobs are complete using our tried and true outcome- based approach. Tried and tested methodologies: Shingleback has had great success in all revegetation projects and has put this success down to:
Great Ground Preparation
GreaT Tube Stock
Stringent Follow Up Maintenance
Shingleback strives to deliver each project better than the last and strongly believes in getting it right the first time. We use a no fuss approach which includes getting the job done with strong quality assurance.

Project Management

Shingleback provides a seamless option for large organisations to use our expertise in process managing smaller projects including tasks such as:

Hydro Seeding / Hyrdo mulching / direct seeding

These forms of revegetation and erosion control are a new addition to our services and allow us to provide a complete revegetation package.